Water is the language of the soul. The arts have carried this but now it’s time for the soul to have a voice in everyday life: for the soul to come into the institutions. Then the infinite compassion and love of the Universal Mother can have a human voice. It’s very simple. In a Masculine world, love has been confined to sexual relationships, family, friends and pets. But in a Feminine world the soul will be able to say who she loves and it won’t be confused with emotion, or neediness, or lack of boundaries, or dependency.

Here’s few of the topics I cover in groups, talks and individual mentoring.

Building an Ark:
Hope for people who have been drowning. One of the things that happens when water doesn’t have an adequate language is that people ‘drown’. If we hold and define a middle ground for water it’s one aspect of having a boat, an Ark.

Water and the Age of Aquarius:
In astrology, Aquarius is the sign of the Water Bearer. Astrology as a tool. The moon holds Neptune. How to heal the moon. The Universal Mother. Water as soul.

Jung and Water:
The Four Functions. Misunderstandings about water. How do you know you’re a Feeling (water) Type or not? Feeling Function Despair.