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Margi is the author of ‘The Conscious Feminine – The next stage in the development of the Feminine’ and 4 other books about the subject. She has thousands of hours of experience teaching about the Feminine. She provides talks for audiences of any size. They can be for women only or for women and men.

Talk 1.

A general introduction to the topic.

The Conscious Feminine is a development in the History of Love and Relationship, the Feminine Principle. It brings hope for all life. First Love found expression in the arts and with those we love. The next stage is for Love to have  a place in life and be a part of the laws of every institution: love for body and soul and towards every living creature. It’s time for relationship to be acknowledged and supported.  A mother nurtures her child: now this nurturing comes into everyday life for all.  The audience may be working within the helping professions, teaching, business or politics – any job where there is a need for support in a Feminine way. This talk will help the attendees to have the concepts and language to stand for Feminine values with greater skill and authority.

Talk 2.

Healing the Darkest Places.

A consciousness of what the Feminine is enables us to form a safe, human middle ground within areas of  life which have never had a middle ground before. This will stop so much pain and suffering.  An understanding of the Feminine enables us to look at some of the deepest places in the individual and collective psyche so these places can be healed. Suitable for anyone interested in healing relationship and relationship with people, animals and all life. For anyone who cares and wants a deeper understanding of what’s going on in people and in the collective and how to stop bad things happening.

Talk 3.

Caring for body and soul in the institutions: a Feminine perspective.

The Feminine is a different way of seeing. It notices needs and meets needs. It’s time to balance the energy in the caring professions and insist that needs are met.

Water and Earth are, by tradition, Feminine elements. Water is emotion, feeling, the soul, a liquid….. Earth is the planet we live on, the body, touch, protection. Imagine what it would be like if the body and soul had a voice and were given equal funding to clinical competence in hospitals! It would mean that you and your loved ones would be kindly treated and people would feel safe to say how they felt inside and to voice their needs. Bringing the Feminine into life saves both lives and money and prevents endless grief and waste of life. A knowledge of the Feminine opens up the possibility of respect for a whole realm of expertise which has been unrecognised: the expertise of caring and meeting needs. This talk will benefit anyone who cares and provide lots of useful maps which you can use to apply this new knowledge in your work and everyday life.


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The Conscious Feminine is the next step in the development of women and the Feminine. The Feminine is the Principle of Love and Relationship: relationship to all life. It is an equal and opposite reality to the Masculine and deserves equal representation in every institution.

Margi has spent 30 years answering the question: ‘What is the Feminine?’ She gives the Feminine a language and conceptual framework, so that Feminine values and reality can come into life. This is about building a compassionate future where the Feminine has a recognised place in every institution in the world.

Life without the differentiated Feminine is like a complicated piece of flat pack furniture with half the instructions missing!


Margi’s books are available from her website, or from Amazon, or from any good bookshop. All the books are in paperback and on Kindle, except the book of poems which is paperback only.

For more information, or to discuss a speaking engagement, either email or call +44 (0)20 8546 0166.

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