We must fight for the Feminine to be included in all Institutions!

The other day I spoke to a woman who is teaches maths to 6th form pupils in a State School. She told me how there was virtually no provision for music, the arts, or any subjects other than Maths, English and Science. Education is based on getting into university and studying only certain subjects. She […]


In esoteric teaching, the Holy Spirit is Feminine. She is the energy that ensouls matter. She is also transcendent. God is not only Father but Mother too. The wish of the Sacred Feminine is that we see each other without projection. I was listening to a marvelous play on Radio 4 last week.* ‘Eurydice and […]

Healing the Darkest Places. Part 1.

Feminine Consciousness can heal the darkest places because it prevents suffering by ordering areas of life which have had no order. Down the ages, ‘civilization’ has been established through the creation of the family unit and by the building of institutions which have been organized according to Masculine values. There had to be some basic […]