The Importance of Feeling and Water

It’s nearly a hundred years since Jung discovered that there were Four Functions.  Jung’s work is important because it helps us lay the foundations for the inclusion of the Feminine in everyday life. There has to be words and concepts before there can be understanding. The Feeling Function is important because it orders relationship and […]

The Feminine is relationship: between ourselves and every form of life.

We are all separate beings and all one. Behind the form of any being is shimmering energy, the energy of life. If we could see the world and every living creature including plant life, as that energy, we would see the connection. When the body dies the energy being goes on, it can never die. […]

More about Water and Earth and what the body and soul need from us.

A dear friend of mine has been having breakdown this year. She needs containing, but as many of you know, in Britain, ‘care in the community’ means that only a limited time is allowed in hospital, then people are supposed to cope outside. A breakdown is often about grief. Sometimes, it’s not just grief about […]

1. Saying ‘thanks’ is a good thing. 2. The refugee crisis.

I’ve noticed how it’s becoming the norm for some people not to say ‘thanks’ for a gift. Saying ‘thanks’ is part of relating and love.  Relating is the essence of the Feminine. So, if I give something to someone and they say thanks, I know they’ve received my gift. Then my brain has one less […]

The Conscious Feminine is the soul level of the Feminine.

The Feminine Principle has given birth to women who can speak for Her. The Human Daughter speaks as individual soul, on behalf of the Mother. This is the Feminine Christ consciousness. Not some great being, just a simple caring that insists that both soul and body matter. You can see these people doing this already, […]

When the Feminine has a language life becomes easier to understand!

If the Feminine doesn’t have a voice and a language then Life is like a piece of self assemble furniture with half the instructions missing! Feminine Consciousness gives us what has been missing. The lack of Feminine Consciousness has affected the brain and the mind in so many ways. One of these is that it […]

How Therapy needs to re-tune itself to the needs of the Aquarian Age: the Age of Love and Right Relationship.

Mythology and the work of Jung have done so much to help us hold our relationship to the inner world of the archetypes but since a woman’s life is about our relationship to all life, not just to our inner world, what tools and concepts do we need to help us hold our reality? If […]