The Feminine will soften and ease life for all creatures.

The Feminine is being differentiated for the first time in the history of the world. This means that She can have a voice and an intellectual framework to support Her reality. She is Love and Relationship and Kindness towards all creatures . Up until now women have experienced this through their love for a partner […]

How the voice of earthy sanity in people is often missing or misinterpreted.

I’m aware of how dangerous it is for people to say something practical about an earthy issue and how this sometimes leads to them having the shadow projected onto them. A good example is Brixit. There seems to be a general attitude that it was more spiritual or worthy to vote to stay in the […]

The Importance of Feeling and Water

It’s nearly a hundred years since Jung discovered that there were Four Functions.  Jung’s work is important because it helps us lay the foundations for the inclusion of the Feminine in everyday life. There has to be words and concepts before there can be understanding. The Feeling Function is important because it orders relationship and […]

The Feminine is relationship: between ourselves and every form of life.

We are all separate beings and all one. Behind the form of any being is shimmering energy, the energy of life. If we could see the world and every living creature including plant life, as that energy, we would see the connection. When the body dies the energy being goes on, it can never die. […]