It’s time to bring the Feminine into the structures of life: the hospitals, schools, everywhere.

The structures in life have been set up by men and they serve the Masculine aspects of the psyche. They have given us schools, banks, hospitals, the police, etc. These are the basics of caring and order and safety in any society but they leave out the quality of life. They don’t look after and […]

The Spiritual Feminine is an equal and opposite reality to the Masculine.

We live in a world where only one spiritual and psychological reality has a language and conceptual framework to support it. The Suffragettes fought for women to be given the vote and Feminists fight for the fact that women and men are equal. The Feminine is equal and opposite. It’s always been here. It’s deep […]

Finding the words for your own Feminine Reality.

Masculine reality has a language and a conceptual framework: Feminine reality doesn’t. It’s that simple. If you don’t have words, you can’t describe and stand for the truth and beauty of your world It takes a lot of courage to relate to the Feminine, because of Her depth. Never compare yourself with people who are […]

Supporting the Conscious Feminine. A Handbook for Women of all Ages. Some simple words of Feminine Truth.

In 2000 I published a book called ‘Supporting the Conscious Feminine. A Handbook for Women of all Ages’.  This book speaks with simplicity: I hope you like it. I’ll be putting the rest of it in this blog over the next weeks. According to spiritual teaching, the next 2000 years are about the unfolding of […]

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