The next stage in the development of the Feminine is for an understanding of the Feminine to come into everyday life. If the Feminine were represented in the governments of the world, the current slaughter, pain and chaos would not be happening and people, animals and all life would be protected.

Feminism still has a long way to go, but there are places, e.g. Britain, where it’s time to bring in the Feminine. It’s happening already. My job is to help give the language and concepts for this next stage. The Feminine is an equal and opposite reality to the Masculine and deserves equal representation in all areas of life.

A knowledge of Earth and Water from a Feminine perspective is not yet included in the institutions and  this causes so much suffering. I offer teaching and training about Earth and Water, body and soul and the Earth we live on and Her water.  For the language and concepts to support the Feminine, read my books or come to a talk or group. Book me for an inspirational talk or for help in bringing these exciting ideas into your work.

Click here for a free MP3 download:  Phone for a chat or e-mail me if you have would like to know more. I look forward to hearing from you. Margi Ross @ 020 8546 0166 and 07745814983 and  

‘Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and explicit model! Women everywhere will be grateful to you for taking the 23 years to put it together’ Judith Davies

The Conscious Feminine
Feminine Consciousness shines a light into the darkest places, where no light has been shone before, so these places can be healed.