First women got the vote, then there was, and is, Feminism. The next stage is for the Feminine to be represented in life. What is the Feminine? She is relationship to all life and the Law that we treat all life with respect and kindness: that we see and care for each other. She is the Mother and Mother and Father are equal. Come and get the language and concepts and see how this new information can help you. Within this website you will discover a series of free resources, see articles audio and downloads as well as the commercial services that I offer.

Commercial Services. (I do some free talks for organisations and schools, please get in touch, see bottom of page).

1. The Feminine, past, present and future. A spiritual and psychological perspective. Moving from repression to empowerment. This is a clear map of the Feminine and what comes after Feminism. Groups, talks and mentoring.

2. Water and Earth: a Feminine perspective. Soul and body and earth and water as elements in nature. Groups and training for understanding the Feminine elements in people, animals and all life, This is new information. Very empowering for people interested in climate change and who would like more power to prevent bad things happening. Groups, talks and mentoring.

3. Talks, groups and consultancy: ‘Bringing the Feminine into the Institutions’. How this changes the way we relate and makes life easier and kinder for everyone.

Phone for a chat or e-mail me if you have would like to know more. I look forward to hearing from you. Margi Ross @ 020 8546 0166 and 07745814983 and  

‘Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and explicit model! Women everywhere will be grateful to you for taking the 23 years to put it together’ Judith Davies. May 2009.

The Conscious Feminine
Feminine Consciousness shines a light into the darkest places, where no light has been shone before, so these places can be healed.
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