The Conscious Feminine is about giving a voice and a language to the Feminine for the first time. It’s a development in the History of Relationship and Love, the Feminine Principle. First Love found a voice in the arts: (think of Puccini’s music or a really good pop song). The next step for humanity is for the soul to have a voice in everyday life. The soul is how we and other living creatures feel inside and how the body feels. It marks the end of the oppression of the Feminine and balances the energy in life. It brings hope for people, animals and all life. For clarity and support for bringing the Feminine into your life, at this next level, come to a group or a talk, read my books and/or any of the information on this site. Some groups are for women only, some are for women and men. FOR THE MAIN IDEAS, SEE BELOW:

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The Conscious Feminine
Feminine Consciousness shines a light into the darkest places, where no light has been shone before, so these places can be healed.